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A: Detox Diet Menu tips and tools

Have you heard of Doctor Oz's easy detox diet?

Dr. Oz has started another healthy new trend-and this one has magical fat-melting benefits?

The main objective following the Detox Diet is to Avoid Processed Foods!

Processed foods add no nutritional value, basically when processed foods are consumed they break down into mostly sugar, and sugar will turn into fat if the body does not burn it off. Get the background on what the Dr. Oz detox diet is all about. So what are processed foods and why are they unhealthy?

The majority of processed foods are stripped of their natural ingredients, removing most of their nutritional value. They are also usually packed with artificial ingredients such as; preservatives and chemicals for enhancements and to extend the life of the products.

Why are Whole Foods Healthy?

Whole Wheat and whole gains is the best substitute for processed white flour. Whole wheat bread and whole wheat pastas is a great substitute.

The key is to look for foods that contain good carbohydrates such as; whole wheat flour and whole gains, check the ingredient label for whole wheat flour or whole gains not enriched or white flour. Enriched wheat really is refined white flour so be sure to check the label before you make a purchase. healthy carbs - whole wheat bread. Bleached flour has most of the fiber removed from it, and contains almost no health benefits.

When fiber is not present in bread it makes it a simple carb that your body treats similar to sugar, so when you are consuming white breads you are really consuming sugar. White bread has no real nutritional value (no polyfats, no protein no vitamins or minerals or antioxidants). 
White bread just doesn't have the fiber and nutrients that whole wheat bread has.

Processed foods to avoid:

1. Eliminate White breads and White Pastas:

White breads and white pastas are made with refined white flour: Why should you avoid white breads and pastas? Well, white bread and white pasta are bleached flour. Also processed foods do not provide the energy your body needs to function and feel good, leaving you feeling tried and unmotivated.

Dr. Oz Detox Menu tips.

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