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Lose Weight with Fitness Walking

lose weight…WALK OFF THE POUNDS!

Did you know that walking at a turtle’s pace for an hour 5 times per week will allow you to drop about 15 pounds of fat in a year and a brisk pace will burn even more. And that’s without altering your eating habits. Include calorie reduction in your fitness plan and you can expect to lose even more!

Starting a fitness program is a big part of your weight lose program. So if you are looking to lose weight, or just get fit, fitness walking will get you into shape. Fitness walking can be one of the easiest, and most effective fitness programs. Whether you are an advanced walker, or just getting started, it is a great way to get fit.

Walking provides an excellence starting point for beginners who are just beginning an exercise program. Walking burns calories in a healthy way. Team up with a buddy it is a great motivator! And your buddy can be your favorite pet. Walking is not only a great way to lose weight, but it can also be a great way to enjoy the outdoors. So get some fresh air it will clear your head. A high energy walk is an energy booster. Most people once they start a daily walking routine become very passion and energized.

Here are some fitness walking tips to get you started; make sure you are hydrated, remember to drink water before and after walking. Stretch before your walk, and then cool down after your fitness routine by ending with a slower pace walk. Stretching will make you feel great and assist in injury prevention.

Start your fitness walk off slowly and work up to a faster pace, if you start to feel fatigued, slow down, you can always pick up speed later on. Then walk for the desired length of time.

The toughest thing about starting a fitness program is developing a habit. Walking daily will help (a minimum of 5 days a week is a good goal). You should walk fast enough to reach your target heart rate, but you should not be gasping for air.

If you are walking for weight loss you should walk a minimum of five days a week, 45 to 60 minutes at a brisk pace.

And fitness walking shoes for women is a great way to tone up your body faster!

Shape Ups from SKECHERS are designed to get you fit while you walk, work, shop, and more. Shape Ups have as much a place in your life as your boots, sandals, and dress casuals, and can retrain your muscles, helping you walk with a positive impact. Used properly, Shape Ups change the way you approach your daily activities. Used regularly, Shape Ups will enhance the way you feel and look; muscles get toned, calories are burned and your posture improves.

Shape-up faster with Skechers at a great price from Amazon!

Shape Ups are designed to:

Promote weight loss
Strengthen the back
Firm calf and buttock muscles
Reduce cellulite and tone your thighs
Increase cardiovascular health
Improve posture
Reduce stress on knee and ankle joints

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