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The Wave a Fun Way Workout at Home

the wave is a fun workout to lose weight.

Your all-in-one gym is here! The wave workout platform that’s rounded on both sides helps you tone up, strengthen your core, and do cardio.

The Wave personal gym can firm and tone your entire body while also doing cardio. With the Wave Personal Gym system you will be able to complete over 100 exercises, flatten your abs, burn tons of calories all while getting a great cardio workout.

You can also turn The Wave over to use like a stepper and also complete ab exercises like an ab machine.

The wave is a unique design, with two usable sides—one for stepping and one for rocking and balance training that is fun and interesting.

The WAVE KIT comes with a lot of cool stuff;  the WAVE itself (that’s the rounded ‘step’), 4 DVDs to use with your WAVE, a small mat for your WAVE (to prevent your WAVE from sliding around on the floor), a poster of exercises you can do on the WAVE (complete with photos and instructions), and more.

There are also a lot of other great workout DVDs and if you like step aerobics you will love the wave. We want to hear what you think about it?

Here are some wave workouts to try:

1. To Sculpt your Biceps and Shoulders:

Do a curl to an overhead press with the wave concave side up, loop a resistance band (included in your kit) through a hole on the front left side.  Stand on the wave, facing the band, with your right foot in front of your left.  Hold an end of the band in each hand, arms at sides and palms facing beyond you, and choke up on the left side (make sure the band is taut.) Curl your left hand to your shoulder, then extend your arm overhead (as shown). Return to starting position and repeat; switch sides to complete set. do 3 sets of 8 reps.

2. To burn more calories do the cardio track

Step onto the center of the wave, then walk feet to edges.  Bend knees slightly, then shift weight to the opposite side and repeat for 3 minutes (as you get better at balancing, pick up the pace).

The Firm Wave Kit (Sports)

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A revolutionary dual-sided personal gym that combines cardio and strength training in Speed Slimming Intervals so you can blast off the pounds and chisel a leaner, shapelier, sexier body in record time. Kit includes The FIRM Wave, 3 DVDs in one (Ride The Wave - 10 minutes, Rock It Off! - 40 minutes, Speed Slimming Sculpt - 30 minutes). Also included the Weight Loss Success Guide Book and an Accessory Mat.
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