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Fenugreek Tea and Supplements to Lose Weight!

A study shows that Fenugreek Tea and Supplements are linked to weight loss. This study showed that after eight weeks of consuming a daily drink made of 1 tbs. of fenugreek, participants not only had better blood sugar control and lower cholesterol levels, but also reported losing 10 pounds in a week and 30 total by drinking fenugreek tea or supplement daily.

What is fenugreek tea? It is a spice popular in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. It has been proven to speed slimming and improve overall health.

Fenugreek Tea and Supplement to Lose  Weight .

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Additional Health Benefits for Fenugreek!

Canadian researchers recently discovered that 4-hydroxyisoleucine, an amino acid in fenugreek, boosts the pancreas’s ability to metabolize energy in the form of both sugar and fat.

Fenugreek tea is rich in minerals and vitamins and other compounds similar to estrogen. Thus, it increases the supply of milk in nursing mothers and also nourishes the baby. It reduces hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms. Increases libido in men and women. Beneficial for people with type-2 diabetes because it is said to regulate blood sugar levels. Fenugreek tea cleans kidneys and intestines.


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