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Healthy Foods?

What are some healthy foods that I can add to my diet?

2014-11-06 Posted by:moss12
Re: Healthy Foods?
2015-02-08 13:08:18
Nuts are very healthy and a great snack option just make sure not to over do it because even though they contain good fat you can end up eating too much. It is about potion control a hand full is your best option.
Re: Healthy Foods?
2014-11-07 13:50:50
Adding protein to your smoothie is a great way to increase your daily protein intake. High protein diets also helps you build muscle and muscle burns calories so the more muscle you build the more calories you burn.
Re: Healthy Foods?
2014-11-07 12:36:19
Meal replacement smoothies and a financial motivation did it for me... I pay the same for my smoothies as I used to for coffee and the shakes give me a lot more energy and filled me up than coffee ever did.

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