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How can I Motivate Myself to Exercise?

I am definitely feeling unmotivated and I need something to kick start a workout program that's going to help me burn fat and calories!

2012-07-31 Posted by:ruthselz
Re: How can I Motivate Myself to Exercise?
2012-09-24 08:28:48
Create a workout plan this will help you stay accountable for completely a workout. Research says planning out our goals results in a high percentage of reaching those goals.
Re: How can I Motivate Myself to Exercise?
2012-08-01 06:42:14
I purchased the Wii Fit Plus for my wife this past Christmas. Our gym had gone out of business, and this seemed pretty interesting for us (late 30s). We had already owned the Wii console from the year before, but we had lost some interest as had our kids (4/6). Well its easy to say this changed everything! The addition of the balance board completes the whole 'virtual reality' experience of the Wii. I am amazed how the board can detect your arms flapping or hips gyrating to really immerse you into the game. The balance and training plus games (new to wii fit plus) are tons of fun, and we have spent dozens of hours playing them with the kiddos. I have been doing the strength training exercise for over 60 days now, and I have noticed a big difference - most notably in my legs, posture, and balance. More than anything, I would say the Wii Fit Plus works on improving your balance. I have gained about 5 pounds of muscle in my legs - which is exactly what I needed - while losing pounds of fat around my waist. I have always had a V shaped upper body with skinny weak legs and a flat butt, but after 2 months my legs and hines are possibly as strong as they have been since college. I work out every other day, and I have yet to lose interest. One exercise - the single arm lift - was such a beating at first, that I thought I was going to give up all together. But now I pop right up like a spry teenager. I think I even walk different now. I have just started to supplement the Wii Fit with a few dumbbell exercises - incline bench, curls, and shoulder lifts - for a little extra girth in the upper body for swimsuit season (the Wii tends to slim down and tone, not build up). I have not even tried the yoga yet, but I may in the next few weeks. We ended up purchasing several more games now to utilize the balance board, although none utilize it as well as this game IMHO. We recently purchased the Sports Resort which is also getting alot of play time from the kids.

 We also just bought another Wii and WFP with board for my wife's parents, and plan to get one for mine since they have so much fun playing it...
Re: How can I Motivate Myself to Exercise?
2012-07-31 12:26:20
I have purchased two Wii Fit Plus with balance board, as my granddaughter took the first home with her. I got this because I don't have a gym nearby and was wanting to practice yoga poses after two lessons with professionals. As a retiree, I can't really afford regular yoga classes, but want to improve my health through exercise.

I now use the Wii Fit program daily, in the privacy of my living room. The yoga trainer walks you through the poses, then gives feedback so you can self-correct. I do yoga for 30 minutes, then either walk outside or do another 30 minutes of aerobic exercises on the Wii Fit Board. My only complaint is the relatively short battery life on the board and the remotes, but I solved that with re-chargeables. I would recommend this to anyone else who wants daily exercise but can't afford it or doesn't care to drive long distances to work out. I really love the balance board and got a great bargain on the Wii fit Plus through Amazon. Maybe I'm going through my second childhood, but I get really absorbed in the program and don't find it as boring as a regular gym. I especially like the daily "body test", sort of a weigh-in and test of balance. The board will remind you daily to stick to a healthy diet and exercise program. For me, it works.
Re: How can I Motivate Myself to Exercise?
2012-07-31 12:11:07

Here is an instant exercise motivator! If you are having trouble summoning the willpower to stick to an exercise routine, let alone push yourself to workout longer?  Get more stick-to-it-attitude by recruiting a virtual workout buddy for instance, by following a running guide in Wii Fit Plus's basic run.  A new Michigan State University study found that women exercise twice as long when they have a virtual companion as when they got it alone!  Any workout buddy even one that's not real or physically near you makes you feel just as encouraged as if you were working out with someone in the same room!

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