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Nintindo Wii Fit Plus Reviews?

I need a fitness program that will motivate me and many reviews indicate that having a virtual partner while working out helps you work out harder.

2012-08-02 Posted by:goal68
Re: Nintindo Wii Fit Plus Reviews?
2012-08-02 09:43:42
I really enjoy the wii fit plus, because of the variety of different exercises it has. The only thing that is a set back is that there is break in between each exercise, I think once you have been taught the exercise and pick the set that you want to do, it should just be a smooth run through without interruption. Maybe that happens as you go to the next level, I am not sure because I have only have the Wii Fit Plus for a month, but I hope so. Also, there are other wii exercise dvd that can be purchased like ZUMBA Wii and Jillian Michaels (I have heard that both are awesome workouts). I do love the product very much and would recommend it to everyone. It is a great way to start getting in shape for anyone from obese to teens who are fit and want something to do during those cold winter months or raining days!
Re: Nintindo Wii Fit Plus Reviews?
2012-08-02 09:31:24

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Re: Nintindo Wii Fit Plus Reviews?
2012-08-02 09:14:25

A friend gave this to us, and we love it. I was in a bad accident 13 years ago that shattered my legs, dislocated both ankles and ripped up all the tendons and joints in my ankles. In casts with pinned bones in my upper legs, I was unable to do any physical therapy for my ankles to deal with the tendon problems. As a result my balance is bad, my ankle strength is bad, and I can't bend either ankle completely. The only exercise I do regularly is swimming, since it's the only one that really gives me a workout without being incredibly painful, or simply impossible. Even that I can't do nearly as often as I'd like, holding down two full time jobs. So, to sum up: busy, sore, stiff, overweight and tired a lot. Enter the Wii fit. It couldn't be more perfect.

The yoga has helped me stretch out comfortably. The exercises are just the right length and intensity for someone like me. The games are fun and keep you coming back for more, while helping you work up to greater stamina and flexibility. The best part is that you don't have to travel to a gym, shower and change for the pool and then shower and change again afterward, or anything like that. No matter how busy the day is, there's 20 minutes for Wii. Doing the Wii fit has gotten me flexible and strong enough to do some light aerobics with My Personal Trainer (also on Wii), which is a much harder workout than the Fit. Now, if your goal is serious, hard-core exercising to get the perfect body, then go to the gym. Wii fit won't help you there. But if your like I think most of us are and just want to stay reasonably fit and active, Wii is highly to be recommended.

Re: Nintindo Wii Fit Plus Reviews?
2012-08-02 05:18:48
The Wii Fit Plus is Very fun, makes me exercise, i can watch t.v. a movie, or listen to radio while I do my aerobic portion. it monitors me. does not yell out my weight - actually never shows it unless I hit weight. just does the intitial bmi which is totally cool. so i came up obese, i wasn't shocked. really fun training games. great yoga moves, strenth training/pilates moves. highly recommended, ecspecially since going to the gym just isnt working. my 14 month old loves to watch it.

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