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Help I am Bored with Workout

I am getting bored with my regular strength routine. How can I keep things fun?

2014-08-16 Posted by:pat48
Re: Help I am Bored with Workout
2014-08-16 19:25:45
I have been changing my workouts by mixing up cardio with strength training like i will go running and add in lunges and arm workout on the benches. It really is a great workout out routine. It gets me energized.
Re: Help I am Bored with Workout
2014-08-16 18:38:43
Wow, i can think of a hundred different ways! If you like the workout you are doing now, try changing how you do the moves. For instance, do your squats and lunges standing on a big folded towel or try a fitness ball.  The unstable surface will give you a new, fun challenge.  Want something totally fresh? take a class you are never tried before or here are some great strength workouts to mix things up.

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