Biking Burns Calories

Fall is a great time to start burning calories with a bike ride. The weather is perfect so enjoy the outdoors, lose weight, increase your energy level with a fun bike ride. Did you know that a thirty minute bike ride, five times a week, burns of 750 Calories? And biking is something the entire family can love.

Optimum results are achieved when cyclists are breathing heavily, but are not out of breath. Exercise has been shown to increase HDL (“good” cholesterol) and reduce the amount of triglycerides in the blood. Again, this means improved cardiovascular health. This leads to a reduced chance of heart blockage and reduces the risk of stroke. There are some reports that link exercise to a lowered risk of developing some cancer, like colon cancer.

Biking Lose Weight

Cycling burns the calories in a chocolate bar or a couple of alcoholic drinks in one hour, 300 calories. Translated into modern lifestyle terms, a fifteen-minute bike ride, five times a week, burns off 11 pounds of fat a year and meets the requirements for reducing heath risks.

There is a trick to exercising. Running a nine-minute-mile burns 11 calories a minute. Walking at 18 minutes per mile burns five. Faster exercise burns more calories.

Exercise continues to burn fat after the workout ends. Once the sweating stops the body’s metabolisms remains high. You can you increase the post-exercise burn?

A few scientific studies suggest that exercising for 20 minutes at 35 to 55% of aerobic capacity, as in riding briskly, elevated metabolism for 20 minutes after stopping. That means that a 20 minute, brisk bike ride burns fat for 40 minutes.
Cycling has been proven to reduce stress and depression and relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

The Department of Transport reports that ‘even a small amount of cycling can lead to significant gains in fitness’. The study reveals that aerobic fitness was boosted by 11 per cent after six weeks of cycling ‘short distances’ four times a week and cycling four miles a day the aerobic benefit increased to 17 per cent.

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