Build a Better Butt Workout

Sculpt a better butt. Firm your rear and tighten you abs with these remarkable effective moves. You are always busting it, saving it, covering it, or laughing it off, but how much time do you actually devote to sculpting your butt? Not enough.

Pretty much anytime your are standing on two feet, you glutes and hamstrings are hard at work. The problem is, like most Americans, you are probably spending more and more time parked on you backside in front of a computer or fat screen TV.

That’s too bad, since your glutes are you largest (and possibly most powerful) muscle group and therefore an all-star calorie burner and metabolism booster…as long as you use them. Muscle burns calories so the more muscle mass you add to your body the more calories per day you will burn. Don’t neglect your butt, if you ignore it long enough it will become you body’s problem child. And not so hot-looking either.

Show your buns some love with these killer moves. They work the glutes and the muscles that support them (the hip flexors and hamstrings) to tighten and tone your booty and core. Whether you choose to add them to your existing routine in place of lower-body exercises or combine them for a calorie-frying buttock-toning circuit is up to you. Either way, you’ll wind up with a superior posterior.

The Dumbbell straight Leg lift Workout

Focus on form.

This move will be your butt’s new BFF.

How to:

  • Grab a pair of five-to eight-pound dumbbells and hold them in front of your thighs, feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent.
  • Bend at your hips to lower your torso until it’s almost parallel to the floor, keeping the weights close to your body.
  • Return to standing, keeping the weights close to your body (as if you are shaving your legs with the dumbbells.
  • That’s one rep.
  • (Do about 10 reps of 5)

Build Muscle Butt Workouts Dumbbell Bent-Knee Lift Workout

Give your glutes a challenge: increasing the weight boosts your metabolism.

How To:

Set a pair of 10 to 15 pound dumbbells on the floor in fron of you.  Squat, keeping your chestup, and grab the dumbbells with an overhand grip.  Your arms should be straight and you lower back slightly arched, not rounded

contract your glutes andstand up with the dumbbells, straightening your legs, thrusting your hips forward, and pulling you torso back and up slowly lower the dumbells to the floor.

That’s one rep.(start out with 10 reps of 5 sets)

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