Burn Fat Fast with Interval Training!

Why Interval Training?

Burn More Calories:

1. You will burn more calories alternating “intense” exercises with lighter ones.  The more intensely you workout (even for a few seconds), the more calories you will burn.

Build up Stamina:

2. Your will build up stamina with interval workouts.  As you perform more intense exercises, you will be able to sustain higher levels of resistance and time.

3. You don’t need any special equipment apart from dumbbells and a balance ball. This workout is not easy because it requires a lot of rapid changes but you will lose more weight with interval workouts. Before long your pulse will be racing and your muscles well worn; but trust us, it’s worth it! You will love the results.

The Interval Program:

Alternate “Cardio” with Weight Training.

The basic plan is to alternate intense bursts of cardio with weight training exercises.  But before you do anything, make sure you warm up.  Even two minutes of cardiovascular activity on a bike, stair master, or simply jogging up place will be fine.

1. Warming up your “Warm-Up”.

Once your muscles are limber, add resistance to you workout and intensity.  Do this for about 3-4 minutes. After the brief cardio activity. it’s time to focus on weight training and developing specific muscle groups.  The program should have an intense Cardio Break in between each weight training exercise. The Cardio Break is a quick, intense burst of cardiovascular activity, like riding a bike at level 9, for 30 seconds.  Once you have finished, perform the next weight training exercise.

Your 30-minute workout will look like this:

  1. Warm-up (3-4 minutes)
  2. Brief cardio workout (3-4 minutes)
  3. Squats for thighs (4 minutes)
  4. Overhead Presses (3 minutes)
  5. Alternate Lunges (3 minutes)
  6. Swiss Ball Press (3 minutes)
  7. Hip Lifts (3 minutes)
  8. Cool down and stretch (3-4 minutes).

3. Squats for Thighs. (4 minutes)

You will need a balance ball for this.  Stand in front of a wall, and place the ball in between your back and the wall.

Stand with hips wide apart and out in front.  Lower your body until your knees are bent at almost right angles. Then perform squats in regular sets of 10-12. Repeat in sets of 3 each time you perform the 30-minute workout.

Cardio break (30 seconds).


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4. Overhead Presses (3 minutes)

Use dumbbells that are just heavy enough to make you break a sweat but not too heavy that you will find it difficult to do presses. Position the dumbbells to each side of the shoulders with elbows below the wrists. Press dumbbells until the arms are full extended upwards.

Repeat in sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Cardio Break (30 seconds)

5. Alternate Lunges (3 minutes)

Stand straight and hold dumbbells on the sides of your body. Place one foot forward and bend knee at a right angle into a full lunge. Then step back and repeat with the other leg. Make sure your front knee does not extend beyond your toe when you are doing the lunge.

Do one set of 10-15 reps.

Cardio Brake (30 seconds).

6. Swiss Ball Press (3 minutes).

Lie back on a Swiss ball and bend knees at 90 degrees. Place dumbbells on your chest and extend arms vertically in a bench press.

Perform about 10-12 reps.

Cardio Break (30 seconds).

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