Kettlebell Workouts for the Upper Body

Planks are awesome for your core and rows give you that sexy back for backless dresses so why not try the two together? Start in a plank position with your hands on two kettlebells (dumbbells work great too). Keeping your elbow close to your body, lift one kettlebell up. Repeat on the other side. Dude tip: Try not to rotate your hips out when you lift the 'bell.

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One thought on “Kettlebell Workouts for the Upper Body

  1. Kettlebell instructing offers definitely become an important health and fitness instrument for a lot of champ sportsmen along with renowned stars all over the world. Kettlebell coaching is not only just more advanced than nearly all of sort of education regarding running advancement, this can be a superb and also straightforward application pertaining to dropping the particular fat in your body that's clearly needed for every person.

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