Overcome Exercising Excuses

There are many excuses a person can make as to why they do not exercise.  Everything from being tired or not having enough time can be overcome with the right motivation and fitness program.  Exercise in increments when you have the time.  Choose activities that you really enjoy.  The more you exercise the more energized you will feel.

Top excuses for not Exercising and how to overcome them

Some people will come up with at least one excuse not to exercise.  For every excuse not to, there are many more reasons to get out there and do it.  Exercising has many benefits, and there are so many ways to exercise that everyone can find something they like to do.  The point is to stick with it.  When you see the results and how great it makes you feel, you will soon run out of excuses not to.

One of the most popular excuses is that there is not enough time.  Everybody has busy lives with careers and family, but there are ways to fit exercise into your busy schedule.  Many people spend a few hours in front of the television every day.  How about using resistance bands while watching TV.  You can pace across the room and not miss a show.  Put you hand on the armrests of a chair and lift yourself up.  Doing a couple of sets of 10 reps can help your arms.  You do not have to do all your exercise at once; break it up into little sessions throughout the day.  Everyone has pockets of time where nothing is going on.  Use that time for your health.

The second leading excuse is being too tired.  The fact is that exercising can energize you and help you to get rid of that tired feeling.  The more you squeeze exercising into your day, the better you will feel.  Being tired all the time means you need to get moving.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep too.

If your excuse is that you are too old to start, think again. You are never too old to begin some form of exercise.  Start walking small distances and gradually increase the time.  Take up a gentle yoga or Tai Chi class to increase your flexibility.  Even starting late in life will bring benefits to your health and fitness.

If you do not like to exercise, think of things you do enjoy that may require some physical effort.  Gardening, yard work, dancing, biking and walking your dog can all be forms of exercise that you may find enjoyable.  Inertia just leads to more inertia. Some movement will help you gain the energy to go out and enjoy your life more.

Maybe you have tried programs before and lost interest or could not keep motivated.  First, you have to find something you enjoy.  The ways you can get fit are endless.  You need to find the one that interests you.  Do not be afraid to change your fitness programs too.  Keep it interesting.  Reward yourself whenever you reach a goal.  Find a friend to exercise with you.  This can make it more enjoyable and make you accountable to someone.

If you think you do not know how or where to start.  You can start with walking.  If something else interests you, watch videos or read books.  There is formation out there about a variety of ways to get fit.

There will always be excuses to why you have not started an exercise program.  All of those excuses can be overcome.  You can do anything you want to do.  Find something you like and stick with it. Include a partner for support if you like. You will never know how good you can feel until you take that step and start.

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