Wave Workout Program Review

There are 3 key aspects to an effective workout.

And the Wave workout program can do them all!

Get the Best Results from your workout! Are you looking to lose weight and get into shape then..

Here is what your workout should include:

  • CARDIO exercises to burn calories and make your heart beat faster.
  • STRENGTH exercises.  Using weights or resistance bands to build and tone muscles. Adding muscle mass  burns more calories.
  • CORE exercises. This is important to strengthen your inside muscles for stability, good balance and that flat tummy we all dream of having.

So having all of the above will give you the most effective workout (i.e., burn more calories, add more muscle mass and increase stability) and the Wave fitness program does it all!

The Firm Workout Wave is easy; just a piece of strong plastic shaped into a curve. The image explains it better than words. One side (curve up) is stable and won’t move – perfect for stepping up and down on it for cardio exercise.

Bands can be fixed the side, so you can do resistance exercises to tone muscles, and you can lie or lean over the curve for core work and Pilates exercises.

Turn the Wave over, and it rocks. Literally! You stand on the edges and surf by pushing with your legs. More cardio, plus balance and abdominal training as well. And it is really fun!

And best of all? The Firm Wave comes with its own mat, several inspirational DVDs, healthy eating tips and handy wallchart, and will fit into a closet, enabling it to be used in the smallest of places.


The Wave Workout Kit:

The Firm Wave Kit.

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