Why Exercise Makes you Look Great

Many do not exercise because they just aren’t motivated. Many reasons are given for why exercising can be good for the mind, body, and spirit, and beneficial for everything from achieving better sleep and heart health to warding off stress and depression.

Everyone can come up with reasons not to exercise, but there are many more reasons you should.  Any activity can help you live longer and healthier.  Walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, bicycling, dancing, and yard work are all ways you can burn some calories and get fit.   Do any of these activities and more to reap the benefits.

Exercising does not guarantee you will live longer, but the years you have will be more productive.  The tiredness you may be feeling will burn away, and you will feel more energetic.  Your quality of life will improve as you feel younger and are able to do things you may not have tried in a while.

Studies have proven that exercise will help you go to sleep quicker, stay asleep longer, and have a much better quality of sleep overall.  This will help you feeling more alert and able to take on your day.

Depression can hit anyone at any time.  If you exercise, you will ward off this condition and start to enjoy life again. Every day will be less cloudy, and you will smile and laugh more.  Anytime you are feeling down, get out and move.  It will lift you up.

Exercise is also a confidence booster.  As you reach your goals, you will feel confidence that will carry over into other areas of your life, such as career and family.  You will discover a strength inside you that may have been dormant.

Just getting out and doing something will melt away stress that can cause your muscles to tighten. Walking and yoga can help to loosen your muscles and joints, as well as help you relax.  Your mind will even become clearer, so you can make those decisions you were holding off.

Exercise will boost your immune system and help you fend off illnesses.  If you do get sick, your body will fight it off faster than it would if you were to lead less active.

Losing weight is always a bonus to exercise.  You will bring you metabolism up and burn more calories, even while resting. Then maybe you will not feel so guilty when you splurge on that high-calorie dessert you love.

If you suffer from aches and pains in your joints, flexibility programs such as yoga can help to relieve them.  Not only will you not have to take so many painkillers, but everyone around you will notice too, when you start feeling better.

When you exercise, you help prevent heart disease and raise you HDL (good cholesterol) levels.  Aerobic activities increase the blood flow, so clots cannot form in your blood vessels, and the heart muscle works more efficiently.

The reasons to take up a fitness program are many.  Whenever you feel tired or bored, just move your body.  There is an exercise program for everyone, no matter what their level of expertise or interest.  Just getting out and walking will do wonders for bolstering your energy levels and making you happier and healthier.

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