Zumba Workout DVD and Reviews

Looking for a fun work-out, then Zumba is one of your best choices. It’s not just about working-out, but about your overall movement while letting loose and having some fun. Your abs and buns have never been challenged more than they are from a 30 minute Zumba instruction dvd.


Not just for abs and buns, it also focuses on a leg lift perfect for your glutes, thighs, calves and hips.


The music is amazing. Be careful though because most people tend to wander mentally with the sounds of Latin Acoustic on a tropical paradise. You’ll find yourself dancing even when you’re not in front of this Zumba instruction dvd.

This truly is so much fun because you get to enjoy your workouts instead of dreading them while at the same time reaching your goals for your body. It also includes a beginner workout which is not that difficult just as long as you follow the basic steps to make it easier.

Do the meringue, salsa, samba, reggaeton, flamenco and cumbia. You pick. Your abs, butts & thighs will really feel the workout because it starts with stretching, arms and leg lifting, bridge pose for the butt and thighs, straight crunches or obliques.

There are so many styles with Zumba to try, for this is a workout that you will never regret owning. It will give you the results that you want and at an affordable price unparalleled to going to the gym day after day, month after month.

There are even kids who are dancing to these exercises, so it’s just as easy for youngsters, as it is for adults, just as long as they follow the right guide for them. Select the dancers you want. They’re all great.

Choose your favorite to maximize your workout. The Zumba workout and Zumba instruction DVD are becoming one of the fastest growing phenomenon’s in health today. It’s exciting and a must try!

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  1. I really like zumba fitness because help me loss weight but is not boring actually I have really fun. Zumba it isthe idea to do execise but you do not feel like that .Aerobics never really disappeared. It simply took a long vacation, picked up some sexy Latin dance moves and returned as Zumba.Though Zumba is primarily a cardiovascular workout because it exercises the heart and lungs, it also strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles, arms and legs through crunches, lunges, arm curls and squats. All the movements are done while standing, and the choreography works.

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