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Posted by on Oct 7, 2012 in Diet Drinks, Diet Supplements, Losing Weight | 0 comments

Drink Tea & Lose Weight

Drink Tea & Lose Weight


How these toasty teas keep you trim and slim?

Increase your Weight loss with Tea!


Tea boosts metabolism:

Caffeinated teas stimulate thermogenesis, a heat-producing process that can burn up to 80 additional calories per day. According to a study at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, drinking teas also revs fat burn by up to 16 percent.

Tea blocks fat absorption:

Japanese scientists found that the aflavin and thearubigin, polyphenols found in black tea, inhibit the activity of the fat-digesting enzyme lipase.  This blocks the absorption of dietary fat in the digestive tract to ward off weight gain.

Tea steadies blood sugar:

Tea’s pholyphenols help stabilize blood sugar, according to research in the journal diabetes care.

This can help tea drinkers avoid the blood sugar-induced energy crashes and excess belly fat that can result from consuming a high-carb meal.

Weight Loss Tea Recipes:

Herb-Infused White Tea:

Steep 1 white tea bag, 1 small sprig fresh rosemary and 1/4 tsp. whole cardamom seeds in 1 cup hot water 1 minute (buy cardamom seeds).  Remove tea bag and strain, if desired.  Add 1 tsp. fresh lemon juice.  Sweeten with organic honey or brown sugar to taste.  Prep time: 5 min.  Bonus! White tea helps even out skin tone.

Spiced Apple-Cranberry Tea:

Steep 1 cinnamon-apple herbal tea bag, 1 sprig fresh rosemary and 1 tbs. chopped fresh mint in 1/4 cup hot cranberry-pomegranate juice and 3/4 cup hot water 2 minutes.  Remove tea bag and strain, if desired.  Sweeten with organic honey to taste.  Prep time: 5 min. Bonus! Cinnamon helps sharpen mental focus.

Savory Ginger-Sage Tea :

Steep 1 Irish breakfast tea bag, 1 tsp. chopped fresh gingerroot and 1 sprig fresh sage in 1 cup hot water 2 minutes.  Remove tea bag and strain, if desired.  Sweeten with organic maple syrup to taste.  Prep Time: 5 min  Bonus! Ginger soothes an upset stomach.

Fenugreek Tea for weight loss:

A study showed that after eight weeks of consuming a daily drink made from about 1 tbs. of fenugreek, subjects had better blood sugar control and lower cholesterol levels. In addition, some people have reported losing 10 pounds in a week-and 30 total-by drinking fenugreek tea daily.  Since fenugreek tea suppresses appetite, it is effective in weight loss. Learn More health benefits of fenugreek tea.

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