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Posted by on Oct 7, 2012 in Diet Supplements, Losing Weight, Natural-Diet-Supplements | 0 comments

Safflower Oil Benefits

Safflower Oil Benefits

The latest Ohio State University study on safflower oil found it’s not just your waistline that stands to benefit from the daily 2 tsp. of the stuff:

1. Better cholesterol levels!

Folks given safflower oil had an increase in HDL, or “good” cholesterol, compared to folks who got a different oil.

2. A healthier heart!

Safflower oil was found to trigger a decrease in C-reactive protein, a type of protein that causes inflammation directly linked to heart attacks.

3. Diabetes Prevention!

Women who took safflower saw their blood-sugar levels drop by up to 19 points which can go a long way toward staving off diabetes, say pros.

4. Shrinks Belly Fat!

To give credit where credit is due, the safflower oil phenomenon started with breakthrough research at Ohio state University.

The OSU team has now conducted multiple studies and found that non-dieters who get about 2tsp. of safflower daily melt a significant amount of tummy flab.  (By contrast, folks given different oils gain tummy flab.)  How does safflower work? Per the latest studies from OsU, safflower raises levels of a little-known fat-fighting hormone called adiponectin.  “We believe the increase in this hormone is key,” says OSU scientist Marth Belury, R.D., Ph.D. Learn More about the slimming safflower oil.

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