Whole Wheat or White Bread?

The real question is which one is better for you and will help you stay slim and trim?

White bread is a processed food with very little nutrients. Today unfortunately most of us have diets that are rich in processed foods. Processed foods have no real nutritional value (no poly fats, no protein, no vitamins or minerals or antioxidants). A diet that is rich in processed foods will lead to weight gain. See for yourself below how little nutrition white bread has!

white bread

What is White Bread?

  • White bread is bleached flour. Bleached flour has most of the fiber removed from it and almost no health benefits. When fiber is not present in bread it makes it a simple carb which your body treats similar to sugar, causing more insulin to be released in your body which then stores these calories as fat. The more fiber in your foods the more stable your blood sugar will be .

Why is white bread unhealthy?

  • White bread has no real nutritional value (no polyfats, no protein, no vitamins or minerals or antioxidants).
  • White bread just doesn’t have the fiber and nutrients that whole wheat bread has.
  • White bread contains chemicals and artificial ingredients.  One of these artificial ingredients called “High Fructose Corn Syrup”  is found in a lot of process foods including white breads and it is an ingredient you should stay away from read more.

whole wheat bread

whole wheat bread

  • Whole wheat bread has about 2 to 4 grams of fiber vs white bread that has only 1 or 0 grams of fiber which is why whole wheat bread is the healthy choice. Bottom line when shopping for foods the higher the fiber the better.
  • The nutrient profile of whole wheat bread remains excellent. It has two grams of fiber, primarily insoluble. Foods containing insoluble fiber have been shown to help prevent colon cancer and possibly breast cancer. Almost a milligram of iron per slice, a substantial amount of folic acid (17.5 micrograms), vitamin E, copper, vitamin B6 and the three major B vitamins make it a nutrient dense food.
  • The label should list first “whole wheat flour” or contain a combination of whole grain ingredients for it to be a whole grain food. When shopping for whole grain bread, remember that not all brown based bread is whole wheat. A brown color may be the effect of caramel coloring, which will be listed on the label. Its nutrient value is similar to white bread.

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