The BodyMedia Fit Weight Loss Management Tool!

Dieting has gone Digital: High Tech Calorie Trackers can really help you slim down!

Take the guesswork out of your weight loss program with Buy Body Media Fit. This Multisensor monitor tracks over 9,000 variables every minute of the day so you know precisely how many calories are coming in and how many are going out.  It also tracks how well you’re sleeping.  A recent four month study suggests the device could help you lose two to three times more weight than dieting alone.

Knowledge is power:

It is very easy to lose track of how many calories you consume daily, and you never really know how many of those calories you burn. This device will tell you how many calories you burn in a day, not just in your workouts. And wow, you will be so surprised at how many calories you take in. Those calories really add up though out the day. Knowing your caloric intake isn’t a bad thing at all, this device actually counts calories and they sure do add up. It also tracks and moderates activities, walking/running, biking, and vigorous activities — an intense hill climbing cycling workout.  You will know when to kick it up a notch! You will also learn about your sleep patterns — it accurately tracks how restful your snoozes are.

Dieting by numbers:

With this program, you can target a safe and realistic daily caloric deficit. You will understand the effects of your diet. If you are not eating enough, your body will go into fat storing mode — we all want to avoid this problem. There’s great nutritional information on the foods in the BodyMedia database. It  breaks down daily totals of each nutrient and this feature really helps monitor sugar consumption. However, the food database is limited and there’s not much in the way of ethnic foods or grocery store brands. Be prepared to enter information for your most eaten foods into the personal “My Foods” database; but once this is done you can easily select from a list of frequently eaten foods which makes calorie tracking easy and quick.

Techy bits:

The web site is easy to navigate and understand, plus syncing the data from the armband with a PC or Mac is easy. But no official support for Safari 5.0 — come on now! That said, it seemed to work fine when running Safari on the Mac. There is no iPhone/iPad app and this would be extremely helpful for effectively entering calories consumed when out in the world. If not an app, a mobile web portal would do the trick. I think they should add a water consumption tracking to the foods page; hydration so important for weight loss.

Save on BodyMedia Fit could be a really helpful weight loss tool to help you achieve your goals.

2 thoughts on “The BodyMedia Fit Weight Loss Management Tool!

  • November 16, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    I weighed in at 178 lbs with a BMI of 27.1 and wearing a size 14 on March 30th, 2010 which is the first day I began using the BodyMedia FIT Armband. With God’s grace and the help of the information that my BodyMedia FIT Armband provided me daily, I am now proud to be weighing in at 147 lbs (total loss of 31 lbs!) with a 22.3 BMI that is finally in a normal range and wearing a size 8. I’ve never been a size 8 in my adult life!
    The BodyMedia FIT Armband provided me information that allowed me to finally break through the numerous failed attempts at weight loss. It’s amazing how much more energy I have and how happier I am. I don’t have enough good things to say about BodyMedia. This product is amazing, and I am so grateful for it. I owe my life, health, restored happiness and relationships with my family to it! Thank you is simply not enough!

  • November 16, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    sue says:
    November 16, 2011 at 4:13 pmI was a little dubious at first that this tiny armband could really help me achieve my fitness goals, but the BodyMedia FIT Armband has exceeded all of my expectations! I am an amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter so keeping on top of my caloric intake and output is crucial to my success in the sport. Often, MMA involves losing 10lbs in 5 weeks or so in order to make my weight class, and while some of that is water weight, I need all the help I get losing what is a significant amount of weight for my small frame.
    The key is understanding my nutritional breakdown, making sure I’m eating enough protein and simply burning a lot more calories than I’m eating. I couldn’t do it without my BodyMedia FIT! I love it so much I even wear it when I’m dressed up for a night on the town—it turns out to be a great conversation starter.

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