17 Day Diet Plan Reviews

Dr. Moreno’s The 17 Day Diet is a cycled eating plan that alters menu options amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats you eat every few days.

Divided across four phases, each is designed to accomplish a different objective: burning fat, resetting the metabolism and teaching you proper portion control and hunger signs.Have you heard of the 17 day diet? You might want to consider this diet because it is getting some amazing reviews!

A new trend in diets “the 17 day diet” claims to give extraordinary, immediate fat burning resulting because of its alternating menu plans that burn fat very quickly, in a short period of time (10-12 pounds in the first 17 days).

This clean eating plan avoids sugar, processed foods, fried foods and other heavy dishes, but it does teach your body to crave and nourish itself through healthy eats like turkey and asparagus spears and other cleansing vegetables.

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Dr. Moreno also shares tips to avoid holiday weight gain: He encourages you to pre-diet, which means to eat a healthy dinner before you attend holiday parties or other festive occasions that are food-focused.

And when you’re at the party, choose only two to three of the healthiest appetizers. You’re also encouraged to stay away from the buffet table and say no to festive desserts and candy.

Some of the meal plans look like this:
Cycle 1:
scrambled egg whites with grapefruit and green tea
large green salad with tuna and balsamic vinegar and olive oil, with green tea
grilled chicken with steamed or raw vegetables, with green tea

Cycle 2:
Dr. Mike’s Power Cookie, fresh peach, and green tea
chicken salad, brown rice, sugar-free fruit-flavored yogurt
grilled salmon with steamed vegetables

Cycle 3:
whole wheat toast, hard-boiled egg, grapefruit, green tea
grilled chicken caesar salad, whole wheat toast, fresh fruit, green tea
roasted pork tenderloin, mixed salad, green tea

Cycle 4:
scrambled eggs, grapefruit, green tea
grilled salmon on lettuce bed, green tea
ribeye steak, caesar salad, baked sweet potato, two glasses red wine

Dr. Moreno gives you a 17-minute exercise that you can do every day to reshape your body.

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  • August 18, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Hello…You are so RIGHT…it definately is all in your head…its a mind set….I truly believe that if you want to accomplish a goal, you have to change your approach. It is all mental. Good luck…I just bought the 17 Day Diet Book…I loved reading it and am now putting it to work. My Husband and I are doing it together…He wants to loose 50 lbs. and I 30 lbs. today is our second day. Yikes…I think the hardest times are going to be the evenings…but we are sticking with it…we were starving last night and decided to make a nice cup of Green Tea…..and felt better. We are determined that this is definately a lifestyle change for us as it has to be. My Husband has high cholesterol, high blood pressure and colitus…grrr lol he has been on Meds for 6 years and I want him off of them because I know if he looses weight and excersises regularly again, he will not need to take medication. I just went back to College and am going for an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting….this semester I am taking Anatomy and Physiology….lets just say that you learn to appreciate good health and what you put in your body….it was life changing for me…..I knew that we had to make a likestyle change. I am Dr. Phil’s biggest fan…been watching him since his Oprah days (been watching Oprah from day 1) and am now hooked on The Doctors….when they introduced Dr. Moreno and the 17 Day Diet Book….it was an “AHA” moment for me…and I am taking this journey with my Husband of 22 years….yay for us…..muah to Dr. Moreno….I know that this will work for us because we are determined to succeed.

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