Lose 30 Pounds Fast.

Extreme Thyroid Cure Diet!

Discover the amazing little secret behind a massive weight loss body transformation. It's a simple eating strategy, basically an ordinary diet and a super thyroid stimulator rolled into one. When your thyroid is working at its max your metabolic rate is sky high and you are a fat burning machine.  Most diets out there totally ignore the thyroid.


Powell’s Extreme Thyroid Cure Diet Plan.


Most women lost 7 pounds in a week on Powell’s Extreme Thyroid Cure Diet Plan.


What Sets this Plan Apart?


The body quickly catches on that you are taking in fewer calories than you're burning and it reacts as if it would to a famine. Metabolism naturally slows to prevent starvation a process that starts with your thyroid. And this is true whether you have a healthy thyroid or not. In general, dieting itself impairs thyroid function making it harder to get lean. It's a vicious cycle.  What distinguishes this diet from traditional diets is that you alternate between high carb and low carb days. Alternating in this way keeps your body guessing, so you stay out of starvation mode. You also get nutrients essential to high thyroid function. Powell the author of this diet promises you will be astounded by how easily you begin melting flab.


Science behind the Magic Diet.


It's a proven fact that low-carb diets help protect metabolism boosting muscle tissue. They also shift hormonal balance in favor of faster fat burning. Scientists found that low-carb diets put the body in a state that slowed production of thyroid hormone. This, in turn, slows metabolic rate. So what’s a savvy dieter to do? Add carbs back into your diet every other day, a trick that cranks your metabolic thermostat up as high as it can go. You get all the benefits of a low-carb diet without taking a hit to thyroid function.


One more key:

To make extra sure your body doesn't shift into thyroid dampening starvation mode allow yourself a free day once a week. Eat anything you want, all day long. University research confirms that this technique does indeed keep metabolism up. And since you get to eat what you love, you'll feel psychologically satisfied, too!


You are on your way!

This diet is designed to get super motivating with as little effort as possible. Pending on how much you have to lose, you stand to drop weight quickly.


Thyroid Cure Facts:


What is the Thyroid Exactly?


Its butterfly shaped gland in the base of your neck that controls energy production and the speed at which your body responds to many of its own systems. In terms of weight loss, the Thyroid releases hormones that play a major role in metabolic rate.


Should I get my thyroid Tested?


Slow weight loss, lack of energy, dry skin, and or constipation can all signal serious thyroid impairment. Talk to your doctor about testing and proper treatment.


Can carb cycling “Extreme Thyroid Cure Diet” work for me if I have Hypothyroidism?


The thyroid diet has worked wonders for many folks with a diagnosed low-thyroid condition.

Find out more about the extreme thyroid Cure Diet and get your doctor’s okay to try any new plan especially when you have a known health condition. And the diet has been just as effective for folks without a thyroid condition.


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