Dr. Oz Supplements to Fight Aging

Dr Oz featured on his show three supplements that can help you fight the aging process.Do you know which supplements will help you stay young? Well the best approach to staying healthy and younger is to consider these solutions for your best way to fight aging.

How to Help Prevent High Blood Sugar?

Alpha Lipoic.

One really good solution for those people who have problems with high blood sugar is Alpha Lipoic Acid, it helps avoid the high blood sugar that can damage the lining of our arteries and age us.  When your blood sugars are high you get inflammation in the lining of the arteries and when the arteries get inflammation they become stiff and damaged.

How to Help Prevent High Cholesterol?

Plant Sterols.

And for those of you with high cholesterol there is a very powerful tool that helps block the absorption of cholesterol.  This solution is called plant sterols and it is hugely valuable in blocking the absorption of cholesterols from the food we eat. So if you don’t absorb the cholesterols from your foods, it can’t get into the blood stream, and it can’t cause the damages in the body that concerns us.

Plant Sterols:Shop Now and Save on Plant Sterols 500mg – 90 – VegCap. How to Help Prevent High Blood Pressure? Japanese researchers say magnesium plays a role in relaxing the blood vessels, an effect generally proven to help lower blood pressure. When blood vessels are constricted — not relaxed — the heart works harder to pump blood through the body, causing blood pressure to increase.

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