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Fat Belly? Big Hips? It’s official: When Dr. Oz recently introduced the world to the Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution, he sparked a hot new diet trend one you’re going to love . Why? Because the approach created by Mark Liponis scientific data is customized to each women’s body type.  That means it’ll work with your specific biochemistry to trigger the fastest easiest weight loss your body is capable of. Wow! “It’s a revolutionary plan that has absolutely changed the way that I think about how you can take off those pounds for good,” Dr. Oz raved.  “Dr. Liponis has spent 25 years figuring out how to beat fat based on your body type.  I think he has cracked the code on weight loss.”

Your body type holds the key!

One study has already shown that matching the right diet to the right person produces, on average, will help increase the weight loss.  More proof: While testing the Hunter/Farmer strategy for us, readers who’d once struggled to lose a single pound were suddenly dropping pounds.  Amazing, right? That’s why we didn’t waste any time.  We convinced Dr. Liponis to help us create an exclusive at a glance guide to his plan.  But before you get started, you need to answer one crucial question.

Are you a Hunter or a Farmer?

As Dr. Oz put it, “it all comes down to whether you have a bigger belly or a bigger butt” Because where you store more fat reveals how your body manages blood sugar and that’s key to knowing the type of diet that’ll work best for you.  In simple terms, “a big belly indicates that you’re naturally prone to higher blood sugar and are best suited to eating like a hunter think larger, less frequent meals with more protein and very little grain,” explains Dr. Liponis. “By contrast, a big butt means you’re naturally prone to lower blood sugar and are best suited to eating like a Famer which means smaller, more frequent meals with lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains.”  We’ll explain in more detail,  (Not sure which category you fit into? Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement; a number below .8 means you’re a farmer, above .8 a Hunter.)  Just determine your body type then skip to the section that’ll help you make fat-melting magic!

Hunter Body Type!

If you have a hunter body type, “you have evolved with traits to thrive as you forage and hunt for food,” says Dr. Liponis. Naturally higher blood sugar means longer lasting energy between meals.  It also means higher levels of insulin, hormone that helps manage blood sugar by storing it as belly fat.  Ab flab can be the result.  But there’s good news…

Benefits of you shape:

Hunters tend toward fast metabolisms and ultra toned muscle. Hunter fat is also more sensitive to hormones and thus “burns more easily,” say the doc.

Look like this!

Slim hipped Hunters include Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron and Kelly Ripa!

How often to eat?

Hunter bodies are suited to larger meals less often.  Not hungry for breakfast? Skip it! “It’s a mistake to force yourself to eat when you’re not hungry,” Dr. Liponis insists. One German study even found that the more calories a person eats at breakfast, the more she tends to consume all day long.

Farmer Body Type!

Folks with this body type “evolved with traits to help them thrive on a farm”, say Dr. Liponis.  Naturally lower blood sugar makes sugar-boosting foods like wheat and corn ideal energy sources.  And farmer hormones store hip and butt fat to staves off winter’s chill.  Yes, cellulite can result.  The good news…

Benefits of you shape:

A hormonal balance dominated by estrogen leads to sexy hourglass curves, says Dr. Liponis.  And while farmers trouble spots can be a bit harder to burn, the fat is far from vital organs and better for health overall.

Look like this!

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Scarlett Johanson are all va-va-va-va-voom Formers.

How often to eat?

Small, frequent sittings keep blood says sugar from dropping so low that hunger become uncontrollable.

Make you ideal menus!

“Only carb-rich foods like grains, beans, potatoes, fruit bring your blood sugar up to a comfortable level,”  says Dr. Liponis.  Lean protein and good fat provide beneficial nutrients, but “too much will add calories without making you feel satisfied.”  Your blood sugar rises slowly, so your body needs more time to register fullness.  Set you fork down between bites and stop eating as soon as you feel slightly full, advises the doc.  By not depriving yourself of carbs, you’ll feel amazing as you get slim!

Get Daily Menu Meal Plans for the Hunter and Farmer Body Type

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  • August 1, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    I admit, I haven't actually read the book but I saw Liponis on Dr Oz, so I know the principles. Apparently, if you have a big belly you are a hunter and should eat a high protein diet; and if you have a big butt you are a farmer and should eat a high carb diet. Well, I have a big butt and the only type of diet that works for me, to lose weight and NOT feel hungry, is a high protein diet! I can't be the only person who is the total opposite, so how does any of this make sense? I wake up every morning, starving! My stomach feels like it's eating itself. Makes sense to me — I haven't eaten for at least eight hours, so of course I'm ravenous. The one thing that keeps me satisfied for hours is two or three eggs, in an omelette or scrambled. Cereal doesn't fill me at all except for plain oatmeal perhaps with a banana mashed in for sweetness. The other thing that fills me up (and which I eat for breakfast or as a snack) is plain, non-fat Greek yogurt. I attribute this to the fact that Greek yogurt is extremely high in protein. I sometimes add Truvia for a little sweetness, and fresh blueberries. Alternatively, I might eat a sachet of tuna or salmon as a snack. This, too, is high in protein and really fills the gap. For emergencies, I keep protein bars in my bag. And that's about it. I don't starve myself by any means. Most days I walk at least five miles, but not every day. I take a Zumba class about once a week. Should do it more, I know! And I've lost over 20lbs in three months.

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