Quick Pops Maker for Delicious Healthy Frozen Treats


Cool off this summer with Quick pops maker an easy kitchen gadget for making healthy delicious frozen pops in minutes.

The other reviews are spot on regarding how easy it is to use and also bumps your popsicle making up a notch; you can make homemade creamsicles, mocha pops, even popsicles with shapes inside thanks to the cutting tools included in the kit.


Zoku Quick Pop Maker:

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Frozen Yogurt Pops Recipe:

In a blender, mix seasonal berries with low-fat yogurt and a little milk. Pour the mixture into ice pop mold trays and freeze. Fresh from the freezer.


Alternate smoothie shakes along with a healthy meal and you have a diet plan that can reach your weight loss goals. Or use smoothie recipes with quick pops maker and have a frozen treat that the whole family will love. 


1.  Dr. Oz Blueberry Banana Smoothie.

2. Fatigue-Fighting Pineapple Protein Blaster.

3. Blueberry Pineapple Smoothies.

4. Dr. Oz Green Smoothie Recipes.

5. Chocoberry Smoothie.


One thought on “Quick Pops Maker for Delicious Healthy Frozen Treats

  • July 24, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    My daughter wanted this for her birthday, so we ordered the basic unit, extra sticks, the storage case, recipe book, and the tool kit. We've made several pops now, with no problems. We've made pops from lemonade, pomegranite lemonade (the single serving bottles make several batches of pops), and used the recipe book to make Strawberry Shortcake pops (using Jello pudding cups). To use the orange 'release' tool, twist on then off (twist clockwise until it gets hard to twist, then twist 1 more time, then untwist counter clockwise and pull out the pop). I'm not sure why people have had trouble getting the pops out- if you follow the included directions, it will work fine! It makes 6 pops really well…9 is pushing it before refreezing. I'm going to try something I saw online, where I put the unit back in the freezer for the second and third pop-making batch, to see if this helps. Fun for an eight year old, but also fun for adults!

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