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Weight Loss! Happier! Less Tied! Dr. Oz Explains:

Dr. Oz sure knows how to get people buzzing! Just 48 hours after he called an inexpensive drug-store suppplement “the newest, fastest fat buster,” the entire internet had sold out of the stuff.  And word is that folks who snatched up those first bottles have been turbo-shrinking ever since.  So what’s the skinny on Dr. Oz’s latest find?  “It’s called garcinia cambogia,” he revealed.  “It’s a pumpkin shaped fruit that grows in sourtheast Asia.”  For decades garcinia has been used as both a curry flavoring and a home remedy for weight problems.  Eventually, scientists led by Georgetown University’s Harry reuss, M.D. began conducting clinical research.  Their studies led Dr. Oz to declare:  “This just might be the most exciting breakthrough in natural weight loss to date.” And he’s not kidding.

Your garcinia Guide

Are you psyched to try Garcinia? Then we want to help you get the best results possible.

Here’s your ideal recommended dosage guide:

Studies show 500 to 1,000 milligrams three times daily is most effective.

The Ideal Timing

Take garcinia on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before a meal, so it is absorbed and most powerful when you have the most food in you system.  This maximizes calories that become energy instead of fat.

The Ideal Meals

You’ll make the most of garcinia’s benefits by choosing meals that mix moderate amount of lean protein, whole grain and healthy fat with lots of fruit and nonstarchy vegetables.  You can incorporate garcinia guidelines while following plans like South Beach diet and Weight Loss Goals Plan.

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