Foods to Never Eat While Dieting

Most assume that all they need to know about dieting is to not eat cookies, cakes and donuts. That’s a start, but there’s more to it than that. Some foods that you eat during breakfast, lunch and dinner aren’t as good for you as you think. Some have high amounts of sugar and calories that will add up and affect your diet.



Bagels aren’t terrible for you, but they don’t do you any good. If you can’t lose weight and are exercising appropriately, then maybe it’s time to put the bagel down. Majority of bagels lack vitamins and fiber, which then turns carbs into sugar. Along with a bagel, cream cheese or butter is usually piled on top. Instead of a plain or everything bagel with cream cheese, try a whole wheat bagel or English muffin with a thin layer of a low-fat topping.


Although bacon tastes good with your eggs, it doesn’t do any good for your health. Bacon is high in sodium and saturated fat, which contributes to heart problems, high blood pressure and obesity. Instead, try turkey bacon that is both lower in calories and fat.

Sugary Cereal

There are a few cereals that are good for you, but majority of the cereal boxes you see on the shelves are filled with sugar. Before you purchase a box that appears to be healthy and beneficial for you, look at the nutritional facts. You have to be careful with purchases such as Kellog’s Smart Start Strong Heart because although it’s good for your heart, it has a high amount of sugar. Never judge a cereal box by its cover.

White Rice

White rice lacks vitamins, minerals and fiber. It also digests very quickly leaving you hungry shortly after. Instead, switch to brown rice, which is high in fiber, manganese, and selenium and helps you feel full longer.

Sweet Pickles

Sweet pickles consumed in moderation do no harm, but if eaten faithfully, will affect your diet. Sweet pickles have an excess amount of sugar and salt, which contribute to weight gain and bloating. To avoid this, stick with eating pickles occasionally with your lunch or dinner.

Jarred Sauce

We’re all guilty of having a lazy day and using a quick jar of tomato sauce to season our pasta. That should end now. Jarred tomato sauce contains a lot of sugar, which you wouldn’t normally assume. Some brands of jarred tomato and Alfredo sauce also contain high amounts of calories and fat. Nothing is tastier and healthier than your own homemade recipe.


Alcohol contains calories with no nutritional value and stimulates your hunger. It causes you to lose your willpower against eating certain foods that you normally wouldn’t. Drinking on an empty stomach will increase your munchies even more. If you can’t limit yourself to one to two glasses of wine, cut out drinking altogether.

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