Dr Oz’s Ayurvedic Fat Cure

Lose Weight using three Easy Slimming Tricks:

Dr Oz Ayurvedic Fat Cure

Dr. Oz recently introduced America to the 2,000 year old world of Ayurvedic weight loss and folks are thrilled. You drink tea, take a supplement, have a big lunch instead of a big dinner that all! Ayurvedic tricks “creates and environment in your body where you can get rid of fat more effortlessly,” where blood sugar is stabilized, toxins are released, metabolism increases and flab disappears!

Side effect: Skinny!

So what exactly is Ayurveda? It’s an ancient philosophy from India that aims to get all body systems in prefect harmony, so health and healing happen naturally.  A small waist is part of the package.  Dr. Oz is the first to show us how effective Ayurveda can be without an elaborate regimen.  It’s kind of like hitting the easy button for weight loss. People are losing dress sizes and even losing up to 80 pounds.

Ancient Fat Fighters! Tricks to Try:

Sip fat melting Herbal Tea

Sip Fat-Fighting Teas!

Dr. Oz introduced the world to a new way of drinking tea that melts fat with extraordinary ease.  Waistlines have been shrinking ever since.  But work it does:  Readers have already lost weight.  Of course, Dr. Oz predicted their success.  “If you drink the right tea at the right time, you can actually shrink fat cells,” he declared.  “Drinking tea is one of the easiest and most natural ways to lose weight!”

Start with Metabolism Revving Pu-erh!

Named for mountainous region in china, pu-erh (pronounced pooh-AIR) is an earthy-tasting tea that “has a jolt of caffeine to help wake up your metabolism in the morning,” says Wylde.  The specially fermented tea also boosts extremely high concentrations of two key antioxidant compounds gallic acid and theabrownin.  “These substances activate natural enzymes in our body and have a powerful effect on fat metabolism,” says Wylde.  “Scientists have seen that they actually shrink fat tissue.” In one study, dieters who drank pu-erh not only lost more weight than other tea drinkers, they also developed a resistance to weight gain and kept pounds off even after they stopped dieting!

Daily Dose for Pu-erh:

Dr. Oz calls for two cups early in the day.  For maximum potency, bring 16 oz. water to a boil, let sit a minute or two, then steep two tea bags for four minutes.  Enjoy hot, or chill and serve over ice.

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Dr Oz Four Slimming Teas:

Stop Food Cravings with Cinnamon Tea

And at dinner time it’s “time to kill the cravings,” according to Dr. Oz.  All you have to do is savor a cup of bilberry or cinnamon tea.

Both have a proven ability to balance blood sugar.  “When you blood sugar stays steady, you’ll be less likely to go for that late-night snack,” explains Wylde.  Researchers even have evidence that bilberry and cinnamon nutrients help the body make fewer fat-storage hormones!Make lunch your “pig-out” meal!

Shift Calories to Boost Burn!

Working with natural body rhythms is an Ayurvedic hallmark and that’s exactly what you do when you aim to get about 50% of your daily calories at lunch. Turns out, midday is when your “digestive fire is hottest, so you burn almost anything you eat for energy. When you go to lunch go to town.  Have your fies, cheese, burgers, cake.” Kep breakfast and dinner light, and weight comes off effortlessly. Skeptical?  A recent European study found that dieters who ate their biggest meal before 3 pm lost 50% more weight than those who got the same total caloreis but at more at night.

Take the “fat-belly” berry extract

Take a tiny waist supplement!

Triphala a key Ayurvedic supplement is a blend of three high antioxidant exotic berries.  Traditionally taken to improve digestion, a new study showed it will help and average person drop 11 pounds in 12 weeks. how? One component, the amalakei berry, contains more vitamin C than orange juice. And research shows that folks who took their C burn more fat!  There’s also preliminary evidence that the berry blend stabilizes blood sugar, which promotes reduced hunger and increases fat burning.


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