Food Facts – Why Are We Overweight?

Get the Real Story on Foods Today!

 The way we eat has really changed over the last 50 years. Our food today comes from huge assembly lines. In the 1970’s the top 5 meat producers controlled only 25% of the market, but today the top 4 meat producers control 80% of the market. Today’s food industry goals are to grow it bigger, faster and cheaper. And I’m sure this also applies to our waist line. With the except of cheaper, Americans are paying for this now, as it applies to the growing health costs, associated with being over weight.

How to lose Weight - Food tips

Our Food Industry!

The reality is that a handful of companies have changed what we eat. Our food is being reengineered into something that is unrecognizable. No one is thinking about diabetes, hearth disease, cancer or the ecological health of the whole system. Peel away the curtain, and do you really know what you will find behind today’s foods? The ingredient labels are an eye opener; filled with unrecognizable ingredients. Weight loss plans have been so difficult for most Americans because today’s foods are so confusing.

Is the Food Today Making Us Fat?

Do you want to Spend your Money on Vacations or Health Care?

First answer this question; would you rather spend your money on a great vacation or spend that money on health care?  Statistics show that being over weight or obese leads to an unhealthy lifestyle of diseases, low energy, and unhappiness, higher heath care costs and lower life span. Now ask yourself what do you want and how do you want to spend the rest of your life? I can tell you that once you change your lifestyle you won’t go back.

The first step in your healthy diet plan is education, know the food facts, it is so important to a healthy diet and losing weight.

First order a copy of the Food Inc. dvd, a documentary that gives you the story behind today’s food industry and why today’s food are so unhealthy and cause weight gain. Get a copy of Food Inc., it was featured on Oprah and it will tell you the real story on what our food is today! (it is available to the Bottom at a great price).

Cut out processed food! What are processed foods? Well, processed foods are foods that have almost no nutrients and are found in most packaged supermarket foods. Today unfortunately most of us have diets that are rich in processed foods. Processed foods have no real nutritional value (no poly fats, no protein, no vitamins or minerals or antioxidants) it is truly like ingesting sugar.

A diet that is rich in processed foods will lead to weight gain.

Weight Loss Diet Plans

Are you looking to lose weight the healthy way? Then here is a dieting tool that will manage you weight loss plan and keep you on track. This Online Weight Loss Tracking Tool is used for keeping track of Daily Calories and Fitness Program? A Weight Loss Goal Sheet is what you need to reach your Weight Loss Goals! Tracking your daily food and exercise is a great idea if you are trying to lose weight. A large study recently showed that planning out and keeping track of your weight loss goals can double your weight loss. Using this tool gives you the ability to really customize your food and exercise workouts that are uniquely suited to your weight loss goals. Are you looking for weight loss that lasts…then Get started now…Learn the “Weight Loss Success Steps”, a path that will guide you every step of the way. The program will give you the fundamentals and support you need to reach weight loss goals.

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