How many Daily Calories to lose weight?

Do you know how many calories you need to cut to start losing weight?

It does depend on many different factors. Your current weight, age, height, and gender are some of those. Your activity level, and size will determine what is the optimal number of calories you need to consume daily and, specifically, what are you current body factors that determine how many calories you should be cutting to lose those unwanted pounds.


A smaller body size will require less calories to maintain all body functions to thrive. And usually a younger person will need more calories because they are more active. If your activity level diminishes as you get older your number of calories required will also diminished. The gender issue is fairly simple to understand. Men usually have more lean muscle mass therefore needing more calories, on the order of about 1900 per day, to feed that. Women, however, during pregnancy and lactation time(s), need about 300 more calories for these vital activities of their bodies.

A very basic calculation to make, in order to find out what amount of calories you should be eating can give you some valuable information on how to start losing weight.

You can use a Daily Calorie Calculator to find out how many calories your body requires to start losing weight. You are on your way Get started.

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