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Who says, “I can’t wait to start my diet”? No one. In fact, diet has to be one of the most unappealing words in the dictionary. But there is a strategy that seems to be working for many in the fight to lose weight without deprivation. We’ve been fed this idea that weight loss needs to be rapid and dramatic and in many situations when diets fail women blame themselves not the diet. Sound Familiar? If so, try this plan, a set of simple food and exercise guidelines that can help you safely lose weight within a weeks time. This will help you not only lose weight but get healthy and feel better and isn’t our health one of the most important things in our life?

Diet to help Weight Loss without feeling like your on a Diet:

Diet Menu Tips - Lose Weight

Diet Help – Don’t go Hungry

It may seem counter intuitive, but a rumbling tummy is like that bad friend who always gets you in trouble. Hunger influences how much food you need to eat to feel satisfied and it tricks you into making choices you’d never otherwise make. Control your appetite by having three meals and two snack a day-even if you don’t feel like eating. And do have breakfast. When people don’t eat breakfast within 60 minutes of getting up, they tend to eat more at night. So don’t try to starve yourself thinking that this will increase your weight loss because the only thing it will do is either slow down your metabolism where weight loss becomes harder or create situations where you end up binge eating usually reaching for the easiest food source like junk food that is full of fat and calories. And have two healthy snacks a day – even if you don’t feel like eating this will keep you from binge eating later in the day. If you allow yourself just one or two little healthy diet snacks splurges per day and keep it under 200 calories, you can stay on track.

It is about creating a healthy diet customized to your ideal weight and fitness goals. It is not just about becoming skinny because honestly there are many skinny people who don’t look healthy. A healthy weight that includes a healthy diet with fitness goals is the best way to achieve the best results. A healthy weight with body toning will have you feeling and looking great.

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