5 Ways to Lose the Weight

Sure, you’d love to shed a few pounds for the holidays. But life has a funny way of getting too hectic to diet when we’re enjoying the holiday season with friends and family.  This is the season for holiday parties so dressing up and looking great is what we look forward too. Here’s some quick and easy tips for shedding some weight before the holidays are in full gear. And some things to keep in mind so the we don’t pack on the pounds during holiday cheer and festivities.

5 Ways to Lose

Sleep 3o minutes longer

An extra half hour of  zzz’s amps up appetite control, dampening carb craving for 100 percent of women and preventing late-night snack attacks for one in three. Sleep is so important to our health and well being so if sleep is a challenge for you it could be due to stress. Experts report that 64 million Americans have sleep troubles. The result: a 50 percent surge in day time anxiety, fatigue, weight gain and foggy thinking.To help snooze soundly, eat 1 tbs of unpasteurized honey before bed. Researchers say honey’s metabolically active enzymes and 1:1 ratio of fructose and glucose prod the brain to produce melatonin and serotonin, helping to drift off.  Taking melatonin supplements is also a great way to help induce sleep. There is nothing like a great night sleep and we all deserve it.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Running out of time to eat Breakfast? Don’t skip the morning meal it cuts risk of anxiety, moodiness, weight gain and headaches. But nearly half of us don’t have the time. Instead of trying to squeeze in a sit-down meal on those hectic days, eat 1/2 cup of nuts while your get ready. It’s easy, and nuts’ healthy fats boost mood-steadying hormones. And when time allows like the weekends treat yourself to a Healthy Breakfast like whole wheat pancakes, waffles or a tasty veggie omette that you and the family will love.

Add Protein Packed Treats

Adding protein increases metabolism and reduces carb cravings. As much as we love the fall and winter wonderland, the cold damp weather starts to take its toll. But we’re trying to manage to get through winter without a mood meltdown. The colder weather tends to increase our carb cravings and unfortunately threatens our waist line because we tend to indulge in those comfort foods that make us feel better but also pack on the pound. What we need is more protein, a nutrient shown to trigger a 16 percent reduction in calorie intake, and 81 percent drop in between meal snacking at a 50 increase in energy levels. So add some high protein snacks to your diet it will help with your diet and increase energy levels.  One option are Pistachios they are high in protein, healthy fats and fiber. Fiber helps you feel full longer, while the protein and fats take longer to digest than carbohydrates, making you feel satisfied from your snack longer. Or any nuts of your choice just be sure to use portion control, a handful is enough to fill you up, and satisfy those daily in between meal cravings.

Say No to high Calorie Drinks

Say no to one soda, sports drink or other sugary beverage daily and you could shed the pounds. Smart swaps: water, sugar-free soda, tea or coffee. Water is not only calorie free but it also fills you up – drink 2 glasses of water before a meal and you trend to eat less calories and increase weight loss. Soft drinks and juice won’t reduce your appetite but can do the opposite – increase your calorie intake.  Drinking water and other zero calorie beverages which help keep you well hydrated, a factor that keeps us healthier. And holiday drinking is part of the fun so don’t do without, enjoy wine or other calorie cocktails, just have a glass of water for every drink it will help cut back on the number of drinks because water keeps you feeling full reducing the urge to drink more.

Add Exercise to you Routine

After the big meal, postpone TV; go for a walk instead with friends and family. It not only burns calories but it also induces endorphins that make your feel great.



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