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Feasting and Fasting Body – What’s The Difference?

Part of the 28 Day diet

Dr. Oz did an on stage demonstration to explain the difference between that fasting and feasting body and how it affects the fat that you are trying to lose.  Dr. Oz said that your body behaves completely differently when it is feasting as compared to fasting.  When you are feasting, the food you consume becomes the first line of calories that your body will burn.  So, when you begin exercising your body first burns the food that you just ate, before you burn any of the fat that you are wanting to lose.   Dr. Oz said that he’s always amazed that when he sees someone at the gym with an energy drink with them that has 300 calories.  He said that they will never burn through those calories before they even get to the fat!

When you fast for just 12 hours you no longer have any food in your system to burn so your body will burn fat instead.

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