Dr Oz Diet Discovery

Dr. Oz is so eager to get us to try this new weight loss strategy, he recently teamed with healthy fat advocate David Perlmutter, M.D to create a healthy-fat packed jumpstart. The docs say their mini plan can reset your metabolism so you slim down fast. Your can even cheat and you don’t gain weight. Adds Dr. Perlmutter: “We hoped that if people could see a dramatic change in a short time, they’d be encouraged to continue – which is what we see happening quite a bit.” In fact, folks report shedding more weight.

Your Get Slim Cheat Sheet

Here’s everything you need to know in a nutshell

How fat fights fat

Wholesome fat sources like olive oil, nuts, salmon and even grass-fed butter, dark meat chicken and dark chocolate have all been proven to soothe a type of chronic inflammation in our cells that drives many diseases, including obesity. Turns out, chemicals released during inflammation shift the body in “starvation mode, so we burn fewer calories for energy and store more a body fat. Healthy fat helps shift us into fat-burning mode.

To benefit even more, increase fat intake while decreasing carb consumption. Carbs especially sweets and foods made with low-fiber processed grains drive up blood sugar and raise inflammation. The bottom line: “Fat is your Friend”.

Why you won’t be hungry

Research shows that healthy fat improves the body’s sensitivity to stop-eating hormones. Appetites shrink so much, making healthy choices becomes easy!

Eat Like this:

To make getting started simple: Start off with a small serving of fat-rich protein, such as two eggs or 3 oz salmon: at least 1 1/2  cup of non-starchy veggies prepared with healthy fat like olive oil; and 1/2 cup of chickpeas or beans. Once daily, you can swap the peas/beans for berries or a healthy gluten-free starch like oatmeal, brown rice or quinoa. (Gluten, a protein in wheat, is inflammatory for many.) Bonus: You’re free to snack on foods rich in healthy fat (such as guacamole with veggies) and enjoy a few squares of 70% dark chocolate (which gets most of its calories from cocoa butter!) as dessert.

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