Dr Oz Thyroid Fix Diet

If you struggle to slim down and not matter what you eat or how much you exercise, your thyroid might be to blame. Is your thyroid an under achiever? For millions of us, the answer is a resounding yes and it could be a big reason we find weight so easy to gain and so hard to lose. Because when our thyroid are sluggish, they don’t make enough of the hormones that keep our metabolism speedy and our energy up. It’s the single most under appreciated hormone problem that women have. With the help from Natasha Turner, N.D., he discovered ways that can help jumpstart the gland so we burn more fat, feel more energized and wake up our metabolism like never before!

Quick Start – Thyroid Fix Diet

The number one morning thyroid boost: If you skip breakfast or eat mostly carbs in the a.m. your put your thyroid at risk. One thing you need every morning is 30 grams of protein to fire up your thyroid. Protein is a building block of thyroid hormones. A high protein breakfast has been shown to increase levels of thyroid hormones and improve levels of other hormones that keep you craving free all day. As protein rich choices go, smoothies are a great way to get the foods you need. You can literally cram your blender with the best ingredients for you thyroid like protein, almond, cacao nibs, cinnamon and have your meal ready with a delicious high-protein smoothie in 60 seconds.

What else to eat?

Three additional meals loaded with nutrients that enhance thyroid function while eliminating those that inhibit it. Healthy portions of protein, antioxidant-rich produce and good fat are on the menu though-out the day; in the evening, you add gluten-free starch.

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