Pegan 365 Diet – Dr Oz

Pegan 365 Diet - Dr Oz

What your New Year’s Resolution? Are your goals to be healthy and get into shape, then this lifestyle diet could be your answer. The Pegan 365 diet could be your solution to a lifestyle of healthy choices while reaching your ideal healthy weight goal. All with the help of the largest dieting experiment ever done by Dr Oz. This experience was conducted over 365 days with over 40 women participating in 10 of the most popular diets. So If you can take the Vegan Diet and Paleo Diet and combine them we will have a diet that really works giving you the tools and methods to finally reach your desired weight loss and health goals. By combining these diets we will have the best of all worlds. This is a way of life diet not a short-term diet. If you really want to lose weight get started now…with flexibility:

How it Works – “Pegan 365 Diet”?

If you really want to lose weight and be healthy? Then 365 diet can help you! Incorporate the following essential steps into your daily diet and your on your way. The count down begins 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 now.

5 Essentials of the Pegan Diet:

5. Vegetables – 5 vegetable stands five servings per day – non-starchy vegetables. (broccoli, carrot, green lettuce, etc.)
4. Fiber Rich Carbs – 4 carbs stand for 4 carbs a day. Yes, you can have bread on this plan! Whole gain oats.
3. Protein – (eggs, lean meats, beans, etc.)
2. Fat – ( Avocados, Olive Oil, nuts, ect.)
1. Non-dairy food

Pegan Diet How to:

Easy to Remember – each day to lose weight.

With the Pegan 365 diet, all you have to remember is 5-4-3-2-1. There’s no messing around with counting calories or other cumbersome formulas. Each day just make sure you eat:
• 5+ cups of vegetables
• 4 healthy carbs
• 3 smart proteins (1 paleo protein and 2 vegan proteins)
• 2 healthy fats
• 1 non-dairy food
It’s as simple as that! We want to make sure this diet is easy to remember and easy to follow so you can seamlessly incorporate it into your everyday life without thinking twice.

Say goodbye to processed foods and refined carbohydrates!

Pegan 365 Recipes – Dr Oz:

Stuffed Pepper – delicious

Spaghetti Squash with Tomatoes


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