Grapefruit Detox Diet – Dr Oz

Grapefruit Detox Diet Dr Oz

The old-fashioned grapefruit diet has gotten a modern-day makeover – one that gives it amazing power to fight fat!

The grapefruit diet – it’s been in, it’s been out. But today it’s back in. Grapefruit’s are back for weight loss and better than ever. So, unlike the 80’s fad diets that included a little more than grapefruits and black coffees, this way of doing it makes sense and is smart. And women who have used this grapefruit diet are reporting success for losing weight.

Quick Start – Grapefruit detox diet

The golden rule is to eat half a grapefruit at every meal. It’s a dosage that seems to be effective. To maximize the benefits of the citrus, dieters round out meals with unlimited veggies plus healthy servings of metabolism boosting protein, anti-inflammatory grains and hunger-killing natural fats.

How Grapefruit Slims?

Exciting research shows that a compound called nootkatone which helps create grapefruit’s aroma may reduce hunger and can stimulate metabolism and may ramp up losing weight. Nootkatone is promising, it has the attention of pharmaceutical companies. And whole grapefruit may offer more benefits than a supplement. Credit goes to a host of slimming compounds, including a hefty does of vitamin C, which is linked to an increase in metabolism. Findings also hint that an antioxidant in grapefruit call naringenin may act like lighter fluid in the liver, prompting the organ to burn fat faster.

How the Diet Works?

To help get noticeable results quickly add a grapefruit to each meal along with veggies, whole foods and healthy low calories seasonings. This plan keeps calories low but it also provides lots of nutrients from grapefruit and other foods to keep hunger and craving down, so you’ll barely notice you’re eating less. Because these meal skip inflammatory food (like sugar, wheat and processed junk) and load you up on anti-inflammatory nutrients, you should eliminate a good bit of bloat, too, While using the plan, be sure to drink plenty of water. Add other ultra low calories extras and seasonings (spice, vinegar, zero-calorie sweetener) as desired.


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