Pegan 365 Diet - Dr Oz

Pegan 365 Diet – Dr Oz

What your New Year's Resolution? Are your goals to be healthy and get into shape, then this lifestyle diet could be your answer. The...
Grapefruit Avocado Salad Detox Diet Dr Oz

Grapefruit Detox Diet Dr Oz – Lunch Menu

Option 1: Grapefruit and avocado Salad: segments of 1/2 grapefruit and 1/3 diced avocado over unlimited baby spinach or kale; top with a squeeze of...
Breakfast Menu Grapefruit Diet

Diet Breakfast Menu Options – Grapefruit Diet

This breakfast menu is recommended for the grapefruit diet but is really great for any diet. Enjoy a healthy - tasty Breakfast: Option 1: 1/2 Grapefruit 2 hard-cooked...
Grapefruit Detox Diet Dr Oz

Grapefruit Detox Diet – Dr Oz

The old-fashioned grapefruit diet has gotten a modern-day makeover - one that gives it amazing power to fight fat! The grapefruit diet - it's been...
Peach Yogurt Raspberry Smoothie

Lemon Raspberry Summer Drink

INGREDIENTS RASPBERRY PEACH PUREE: 4 fresh peaches, pitted, then diced into large chunks 1 1/4 cups water 1 cup Greek Yogurt SIMPLE SYRUP: 1/2 cup granulated...
Thyroid Diet Meals

Dr Oz Thyroid Fix Diet

If you struggle to slim down and not matter what you eat or how much you exercise, your thyroid might be to blame. Is...
How to Lose Weight

Mindful Eating Could Massively Boost Your Weight-Loss Efforts

You likely have encountered the word “mindfulness’ recently across the media. Although it’s a concept with solid foundations in Buddhism and similar philosophies of...
Lose Weight Should you Sleep More

Struggling to Lose Weight? Maybe you should sleep on it

Have you been trying hard to lose weight without much success? You’ve attempted all the popular diets over the years from Atkins to keto...
Over 40 Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips for Over 40

Once you reach 40, managing weight can become a lot trickier.  Even if your diet and exercise levels haven’t changed, you may find yourself...
Black Bean Cholocate Cupcakes

Chocolate Black Beans Cupcakes

Here is a great way to enjoy dessert without the carbs and calories. Not only is it lower in carbs but it is high...

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