Underground “healthy Diet”!

17 Day Diet

Eat the food that stops fat storage!  Drink the beverage that blocks calories!  Enjoy slimming “Pumpkin Pie!” What’s the best way to lose a whole lot of weight before the holidays? We asked around and got one resounding answer: The 17 Day Diet. Since we first told you about this underground protein and probiotics plan, it has exploded on the bestseller lists and become a nationwide craze. Millions have tried it, melted flab, raved to their friends. And the approach works even better than originally promised! Folks reports dropping 10, 15, even 20 pounds in just two and a half weeks. “We have honed in on the best foods and most effective strategies to attack fat and it shows”, promises creator Michael “Dr. Mike” Moreno, M.D. “You get rapid results that feel easy. It’s no wonder readers have been calling us, begging for the latest quick-weight-loss 17 day diet tips. Haven’t tried the 17 day approach yet? Here’s what you need to know:

Get Slimmer on 17 Day Diet

Hot New Protein Plan!

Load up on lean! Eggs, fish, chicken and turkey breast are always unlimited for 17 Day dieter. Why? They’re low in belly-fattening saturated fat and yet high in protein a nutrient proven to kill hunger and stimulate metabolism better than any other.Protein also helps reduce production of fat storage hormones, says Dr. Mike: by contrast, starchy carbs stimulate production of these hormones. “Every time you choose protein instead of starchy carbs, you are setting your self up to burn more calories and store less fat,” the doctor promises.

Eat the carbs that make you skinny! 

Other high-protein diets severely limit foods like broccoli and fruit because they contain small amounts of carbs. Yet Dr. Mike says research strongly links these options which come packed with fat fighting antioxidants and hunger fighting fiber to weight loss. So he allows unlimited non-starchy vegetables and two serving of low sugar fruit every day. It’s a healthier and more satisfying way to eat so you can stick with the approach much longer then say, Atkins. But it still limits carbs enough that you get faster results than, say, South Beach!

Give yourself the probiotic advantage!

Exciting new high tech research has revealed that food rich in “good bacteria” such as yogurt and a dairy drink called kefir can actually help our bodies absorb fewer of the calories we eat. And since this effect seems to primary block calories from dietary fat, probiotics offer a far greater advantage to 17 Day dieters (who get fat from healthy options like eggs and olive oil) compared to those using a traditional low-fat plan. Dr. Mike calls for two servings of probiotic rich foods a day. He says the difference they make can be astonishing.

Holiday Skinny!

17 Day Diet Success Story

“I’m losing huge week after week yet I am not hungry and I never do any exercise more intense than walking!” say California retiree Cynthia Frechetter, 61, down 139 pounds. Does she feel deprived? Not at all! “I can eat my own version of pumpkin pie every day!” Get Pumpkin Recipe.


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