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Q: Does Dr. Oz Recommend Passion Flower to Lose Weight?

A:Dr. Oz Recommends Passion Flower Extract to Lose Weight and Reduce Stress. Did you know that stress will make you pack on the pounds and increase belly fat! Do you know why stress gives you belly fat?

Dr Oz reveals the number one organ making you stress and how you can conquer the belly fat that comes with it. Dr Oz explains how the brain releases a chemical when we are stressed that goes to the Adrenal glands, and how it changes the way steroids makes the fat grow. Dr. Oz’s tips to break the the stress cycle and relax was to take a couple drops of Passion flower in water or tea. Dr. Oz says Passion Flower has been shown to be as effective in reducing anxiety and stress resulting in weight loss.

Dr. Oz Recommends Passion Flower to lose weight!

Passion flower Supplement for Stress and Weight Loss!

Dr Oz said there are two ways to relax and break the stress cycle.

1. Passionflower Extract has anti-anxiety characteristics.

You just need to add a couple of drops of Passionflower extract to tea or water, and Dr Oz said Passionflower Extract can be just as effective at reducing stress and anxiety as some prescription drugs. I have to tell you that many people are saying that they have been trying a Passion flower supplement and not only have they felt less stressed, but they have also been sleeping better at night. I would definitely recommend giving this a try!

2. Close your eyes and think about a spectacular place that you want to be. This exercise will promote relaxation and will stop your brain from sending out those chemicals that build up belly fat.

Passion flowers are native to tropical and sub-tropical sections of the Americas, and have a long history among Native Americans in both North and Central America.

It has long been used to aid with epilepsy, hysteria, insomnia, and stress reducer.

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