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Best Diet Tip and Tools

The Diet Kitchen

This is place where healthy Diets start. Get the facts on how to eat healthy and live well. Find out your healthy weight and how to reach your goals. Learn the weight loss success steps and build your customized diet.

It all starts in the kitchen and eating healthy foods, using the right kitchen tools & planning your meals will not only help you lose weight but will also give you the know how on living a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Plan & Goal Sheet

Dieting Tools

Losing weight and transitioning into a healthy lifestyle isn't easy so don't do it without support. We all need help and diet tools can really help you acheive your weight loss goals. The Calorie calculator will help you find out how many calorie you need to cut to start losing weight so get started. And the make sure you become a member and subscribe to the weight loss goal sheet a tool that allows you to automate your diet customized to your goals.

Diet Tools

The Calorie calculator - Daily Calorie intake to lose weight.
Weight Loss Plans - Diet Goal Sheet a customized plan.


The Calorie Calculator

Find out how many calories you need to cut to start losing weight? You can find out by measuring your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

Whst is BMR? BMR is the most important factor in determining your overall metabolic rate and how many calories you require to maintain your current weight. It uses multiple factors, including; height, weight, age, gender & activity level to determine your daily calorie intake to maintain your current weight.

This calorie calculator will tell you how many calories you can consume to start losing weight.

Most experts recommend setting your weight loss goals per week, this is the smartest way to successful weight loss.

Body Media Fit Tools to help manage your diet

The Body Media Fit

The Body Media Fit Armband. Weight Management System it helps you pinpoint what actions you should take to reach your weight loss goals.

With the armband and the online activity manager, this system tracks your calories in, calories out, and sleep quality. Providing important information about their calories burned and calories consumed.

Dr Oz Diet Teas

Weight Loss Supplements

Dr. Oz Tea Diet

With Four powerful teas Metabolize Fat and stop cravings! Dr. Oz introduced hte world to a new way of drinking tea that melts fat with extraordinary ease. Waistlines have been shrinking ever since.

Top Weight Loss Supplements

African Mango for Weight Loss.


SafSlim Burns Fat.

SalSlim Safflower

With The SafSlim diet is believed to improve insulin sensitivity, suppress appetite and increase fat burning capacity of body by activating specific hormones. This magic elixir claims to bust belly fat with safflower oil and like in all weight loss products, the truth of hte matter lies in the ingredients used.

Recent Diet Blog Posts

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Diet & Weight Loss Forum

The Latest Diet Tips & Tools. We all need dieting support and the best support is a community that have the same weight loss goals. You can get the support you need with the latest diet trends and ask questions so you can get the information you need to reach your weight loss sucess. Weight Loss Forum. LEARN MORE

top diet supplements

Diet Supplements these products should be use in additon to a healthy diet and exercise plan. READ MORE.

Healthy Low Calorie Recipes

eating Healthy

Is important to getting slim & staying slim! Try some great recipes & include in your weight loss plan. A new healthy recipe is posted every week so check out the newest recipe!

This Week's Healthy Low Calorie Recipe
Low Calorie Pizza Recipe

Dr. Oz Low Calorie Pizza

Low Calorie Pizza Recipe:

I really loved it!
I didn't care for it.why?

Lettuce Chicken Wraps Low Calorie

Joy Bauer's Slimming Chicken Wraps

Blueberry Banana Diet Smoothie.

Try the Smoothie Diet - it works because it keeps you full helping
you to cut calories and lose weight. And these smoothies are loaded
with nutrients so you're a eating healthy delicious meals.

Diet Smoothie Recipes

healthy penne chicken recipe

Healthy Penne Chicken Marengo