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Food Facts - What is Making Your fat?

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Ask Yourself Do you Really Know What Your Eating?

Is the Food we are Eating Today Making Us Fat? Get the Real Story on Foods Today. The way we eat has really changed over the last 50 years. Our food today comes from huge assembly lines.  In the 1970’s the top 5 meat producers controlled only 25% of the market, but today the top 4 meat producers control 80% of the market. Today’s food industry goals are to grow it bigger, faster and cheaper. And I’m sure this also applies to our waist line. With the except of cheaper, Americans are paying for this now, as it applies to the growing health costs, associated with being over weight. The reality is that a handful of companies have changed what we eat. Our food is being reengineered into something that is unrecognizable. No one is thinking about diabetes, hearth disease, cancer or the ecological health of the whole system. Peel away the curtain, and do you really know what you will find behind today’s foods? The ingredient labels are an eye opener; filled with unrecognizable ingredients. Weight loss plans have been so difficult for most Americans because today's foods are so confusing. READ MORE

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