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The Aquabilt Pool Treadmill

Are you looking for a cool summer workout routine? Well you could transform your pool into a gym with the aquabilt treadmill.

This revolutionary treadmill provides an excellent low impact or high impact fitness program that is ideal for any age and fitness level.

Forget the hot summer heat and humidity, get your workout in the pool, exercising in the pool is so much more enjoyable.

The Aquabilt Underwater Treadmill can be used in any in-ground or above-ground pool with a water level up to the mid-chest. It is lightweight, uses no motorized equipment and can stay in the pool year round or store conveniently in a closet.

Add hand weights to tone and sculpt your arms while building muscle to make your workout more effective.

If you are looking for a cool refreshing aerobic workout in your very own pool you could start your workout soon and save up to 40% on the aquabilt at Amazon check it out below!

What makes this treadmill different from the others is that you can put it in your pool. Exercising in water increases resistance while reducing impact, giving you an innovative way to get a low-impact, high intensity cardiovascular workout and burn more calories in less time. You can use the treadmill out of the water too! Safe and easy to use for almost any fitness level, this versatile treadmill allows you to run or walk forward or backwards, as well as do lunges and resistance moves.
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