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What is Puerh Tea?

How do you lose weight with this tea?

2012-05-30 Posted by:dav45
Re: What is Puerh Tea?
2013-03-14 19:18:44
Healthy teas offer a healthy way to promote weight loss and boost your metabolism!
Re: What is Puerh Tea?
2013-03-14 19:08:07
I heard this tea can help you lose weight?
Re: What is Puerh Tea?
2012-05-30 06:59:56
Pu-erhs are "double-fermented". Tea makers let the tea oxidize like black tea, and then form the leaves into cakes. Pu-erhs take awhile to ferment; they actually have vintages like wine and can be as old as 40 or 50 years. Because of the longer processing time, pu-erhs are generally a little more expensive. Puerh tea is found in Eastern China and scientist have seen that the two active ingredients; theabrowin and gallic acid actually shrink fat cells in the morning by boosting the body's metabolism. 

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